This summer season going on as we all know so, this summer obviously we should drink lots of water every day but if the water will be made with special drinks so, of course the taste of the drink will greatly increase. This is time to drink delicious or tasty summer drinks that you can absolutely make your at home while no need to go outside for drinking delicious drinks. Just you should have the proper and full ingredient of making drinks and can easily able to make the drinks at home without any hassle.

So, today we will learn how to make summer drinks at home easily without any hassle that start from:

Blended Margarita Summer Drink:

You need ingredients to prepare this drink includes:

1 and half oz tequila (100 cal)

1 oz triple sec (10 cal)

Half oz lime juice (10 cal)


Squeeze of salt to the rim of the glass

 Mojito Summer Drink:

4 oz club soda (0 cal)

1 and half oz white rum (100 cal)

1 oz simple syrup (120 cal)

Half lime (5 cal)

4 small springs of mint (0 cal)

Sangria Cup:

4 oz wine (104 cal)

1 oz orange liqueur or brandy (95 cal)

1 oz club soda (0 cal)

Numerous slices of fresh fruit like melon, citrus, berries, etc.

Long Island Iced Tea:

3 and half oz lemon juice (10 cal)

3 and half oz simple syrup (90 cal)

1 and half oz vodka (50 cal)

1 and j\half oz gin (50 cal)

Half oz white rum (50 cal)

Half oz triple sec (26 cal)

Squish of cola (20 cal) ice


4 oz champagne (88 cal)

2 oz peach puree (40 cal)

Mint Julep:

2 and half oz bourbon (164 cal)

Half oz simple syrup (60 cal)

4 mint springs, leaves only (0 cal)

Moscow Mule:

6 oz ginger beer (100 cal)

2 oz vodka (128 cal)

Cuba Libre:

1 can of cola (140 cal)

2 oz dark rum (128 cal)

Half lime (10 cal)

Tipsy Arnold Palmer:

3 oz brewed black tea (0 cal)

1 and half oz vodka (100 cal)

1 and half oz simple syrup (180 cal)

1 and half oz lemon juice (15 cal) ice


12 oz Mexican lager or beer (130 cal)

4 oz tomato juice (20 cal)

2 dashes habanero pepper sauce (0 cal)

Squeeze of salt and ground chile for rim (0 cal


6 oz grapefruit soda (75 cal)

2 oz tequila (133 cal)

Half oz lime juice (10 cal)heath & fitness