25 ‘Super 30′ students become topper in IIT-JEE

Patna, 18 June 2015: When something you listen very good news so, obviously that time you think you have achieved heaven in your life. Similarly when the thing is about the career and you get number one position or rank in your career so, you think that nothing can be better day than this ever. As same way 25 of the 30 students of Bihar’s has become topper in Super 30 whereas, it is really very astonishing news that in one of the free coaching classes that teach the underprivileged students and they have fantastically cracked the toughest competitive IIT-JEE in this year, said by director.

You cannot believe it while you will be really amaze to hear the news that one of the Children of taxi driver, mason, farmer, daily wager or farm laborer, helper in photo lab, and migrant workers even, their children are those topper and cracked the IIT JEE and they are those successful students who really did it.

“We are extremely glad to hear that this year, 25 of our 30 students who made us proud as well as also made higher the name of the Indian Institute of Technology-Joint Entrance Examination. This great acclaim is only given to those all hardworking students and the teachers who served the education to these deprived candidates,” said by Super 30’s founder-director Anand Kumar to IANS.

“All the students have become successful and achieved the destiny in making their dream true in IIT-JEE dreams at Super 30 by their lots of struggle, and hard work” he said.

It is really glorious day and moment where IIT-JEE result this year also highlighted where the poor students are able to show their talents as well as reached to the topmost IITs, the institute director said.

One of the fathers of the successful candidates is Neeraj Jha, who is taxi driver in Kolkata burst into cry knowing his son has proved it.

“I proved my ambition by getting success in IIT and I will do more hard work ahead to obtain a good job and also it helps my family to get rid of poverty,” Neeraj, who scored 1,217th rank in ITT-JEE, said.

“Everyone in my family is very pleasure and they are in all celebratory moods. We distributed sweets,” to all around my neighbors Rahul Kumar, a Super 30 student who cracked the IIT-JEE said it.

His father is a common mason in Hazaribagh located in Jharkhand.

The institute only selects the brilliant and talented candidates from poor families and provides them frees coaching with food and accommodation so that they only concentrate only on IIT-JEE coaching.

“Hard work withcorrect guidance and right management process are only keys to success” Anand Kumar said.

Brajesh Kumar Saroj, is one of the Super 30 students who obtained the 410th rank, said the services provider at the institute as well as he also said that inspirationby the faculty helped the students to crack this hardest exam.

Brajesh’s father works in Surat in Gujarat.

As same another successful student Dhanajay Kumar, who achieved 457th rank, said by his father he was a migrant laborer.

“We were all confident for positive results and we teach them how to eat, sleep, walk and talk just solely for IIT,” Anand said.

Super 30 was actually initiated by Anand along with former Bihar DGP Abhyanand since long decade ago and afterwards the Abhyanand disconnected himself from the institute.

Super 30 thatmean to help to those students who are not financial strong. The successful candidates who cracked the IIT-JEE, was nominated by Time magazine with the top list of ‘The Best of Asia 2010′.

The students from poor economic background now they have to qualify the competitive test to get involve into Super 30 after they must have to do the commitment for 16-hour daily study routine coaching, included food and accommodation these will be provided them absolutely free of the costs for all IIT JEE attenders.

This real story of the poor financial background students who cracked the IIT JEE and scored highest marks really bring great proud for our nations. Somewhere it also motivates towards our zeal, dream, goal and achievement always that will be always a great mission and lesson to others.