“Fortunately, there is a solution, and it’s not going the gym and pumping sets on a daily basis as the answer is just a little hard, smart, and a basic full body workout.”

Yes, it’s true and most importantly, best fitted for beginners. Many of us, who are willing to shed fat and gain strength through workouts, do not materialize because of the thought of working out daily in the gymnasium.

Further, the recovery time of body bothers us most when we pump out different exercises like the split exercises. In addition to this, if you are on a low-calorie regime then it becomes even more pivotal to check the kind of exercise and the number of sets you are performing as it takes a toll on the comeback strength.

If we believe on an online study conducted by Harris on behalf of bodybuilding in the year 2012, 36% of the US people (who are supposed to be the number one exercise freaks in the world) say it’s hard to take out the time for any kind of workout.

Seeing this plight, we have come up with the three cutting edge full body workouts which will not only make you fit, lean, cut your body fats, but will save your precious hours at the same time. So before going right into the different full body workouts, let’s understand the concept of the full body workout.

What is a Full Body Workout?

As the name suggests, it is a full body training routine in which you have to exercise your whole frame according to your capacity. It is just opposite to the split, biceps, triceps, upper body or lower body exercises and is simply focused on the- full body exercise.

What is a Full Body WorkoutHowever, it can be seen in different ways. For instance: It can be literally performed by exercising each and every muscle group like quads, hamstrings, back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, thighs and maybe even calves and abs too. (Woo!)

Yes, and in some cases it can be viewed as one big compound push, pull, and lower body exercise like bench press, low or squat so that everything gets trained directly or indirectly.

In other cases, it can be something in between these two extremes. In a nutshell, a full body routine means you are exercising your whole chassis in a single workout without splitting your muscle groups and working separately on them.

#1. Low Volume Compound Work Out:


Many of us think that we can do any kind of exercise under any type of diet. But it is not a healthy habit, mind you! It can cause dehydration or muscle wasting. And the whole purpose of exercise will fail; in spite of developing an energetic body, you will end up with a strained one.

So can you recommend any particular workout?

Of course, the Low Volume Compound workout is the solution for the same. As the name suggests, it is a routine with the lesser number of sets and is particularly aimed for muscle maintenance.


This regime will help you out in maintaining the muscle strength without much glycogen depletion. If you’re on a low-carbohydrate diet then this program is best fitted for you as it will prevent the muscle drainage.


There are certain things which need to be kept in mind while performing this workout design like you should avoid increasing the weight bar so as to keep your strength level constant.

In addition to this, you have to be physiologically prepared for the fact that you will not get an unexpected muscle-pump after following this set-up. It is due to the fact that, this routine consists a lesser number of rep ranges and sets.

Yes, it’s that simple and if you manage to do the same once in every five days, it will be still counted in the category of frequent and will help in cutting body fat.

#2. Depletion Full Body Workout:

You must agree with the below-mentioned statement:

“The obesity is mainly caused due to the carbohydrate stores in the muscle which after a time period, changes into the fat junctions.”

So what to do in this case?

The second type of workout design is aimed to resolve this issue. This routine is performed to rupture all the muscle glycogen stores and is pretty handy to accelerate the fat burning fluids in the body. (Amazing!)




Not only that:

This design is useful when you are on a diet which fully removes the carbohydrates from your body. For example: When you exercise this set-up after having a carbohydrate rich meal then body muscles will suck all these glucose at a greater speed.

But here’s the kicker:

It needs to be performed once in a week or even less than that as it is just a way to trigger the rate of progress throughout the cutting cycle. So now your muscles have enough time to recover.

Some important points to consider while following this routine:

  • You need to decrease your total lifting weight as this depletion workout involves higher rep ranges.
  • Keep your rest periods on a shorter side for the optimal benefits of this design.
  • Depending upon the diet (how low in calories or carbohydrates), you may need to add another set of most exercises.

Note: It is recommended to perform this setup in circuit style where you do one set of each exercise and then proceeds to second and then third if necessary.

#3. Time-Pressed Full body Workout:

Yes, it’s for all those Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg whose time is as precious as gold. It is the best-suited regime for those who have an extreme shortage of time. It also works when you are on a low-calorie diet. (Wow!)


Here’s the bottom line:

If you managed to do this design two times in a week, it will still give you plenty of time to perform other workouts like cardio. It is well in compliance with your strict diet. In fact, you need to be in line with low-calorie regime.

Note: This program will not dramatically burn out the calories. So, rather expecting it as a fat-loss-exercise, you need to focus more on your dietary management.

Now it’s your turn:

You have just seen the amazing ways to cut your body fat without spending a hell lot time at gym.

Now it’s time to imply these workouts in your routine and share your feedback.

The first step?

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