4 Ways to Make Side Planks Less BoringPlank exercise is quite safe, effective, and challenging technique of core conditioning. There are several variations of these exercises that are used for fitness disciplines, incorporating Yoga, Boot Camp Regimens, CrossFit, Pilates, Barre, and lot more. The advantages of plank exercise are many. It not just strengthens the abdomen but the entire core of the muscle groups of upper and lower body.

Side plank exercise is the best exercise for the core, apart from one thing that it is incredibly boring. Definitely, it works for your body, but there are chances that you may tear out your chances of patience for holding still. Few important ways add movements to side plant to make it quite harder and less boring. These are as under:

  1. Variation One: You need to do 10 knees to chest planks, i.e. 5 on each leg. Then start with 10 warped knees to chest planks and 10 mountain climber planks. You need to repeat the entire set for three times
  2. Variation Two: This variation is known as stability ball and it needs your stability ball. Firstly, you need to do 30 seconds of stability ball forearm exercise and then 15 seconds of stability ball balancing plank. After that, 30 seconds of stability ball reserve plank needs to be done. The entire variation has to be repeated for three times.
  3. Variation Three: In this, you have to do 10 side planks by foot taps, which is ten on one leg. Then 5 side planks of hip dips, i.e. five on both side. Lastly, 10 side forearm of stability ball plank, which you have to do 10 on both sides. This set must be repeated for three times.
  4. Variation Four: Firstly, 10 forearm plank for knee taps needs to be done and then 10 forearm hip drops plank needs to be done. Finally, in this variation, 10 wall planks for forearm is done. The complete set needs to be repeated for three times.

The variations train the core muscles in order to keep the spine stable, thereby preventing the back pain, and enhancing the performance in gym. However, it boosts the intensity of the core and add further challenge to your hips, glutes, and shoulders.