“You can trade six-pack to anybody; it sells even if it is cold.”

Yes, you become a hot property after having six-pack abs as it is in fashion. Whether it is a classic actor like SRK (Shahrukh Khan) or a new guy like Tiger Shroff, everybody has well-carved abs.

We are intimidated by the ripped characters of Hollywood like the Captain America and Thor and plunge into the gym for doing more and more crunches. Though crunches are great, but for a well-rounded workout, you need to have a better workout design.

Have you ever thought of a routine which will help you, not only in building that killer ab or flatten belly but, also works on entire abdominal muscles? Yes, it’s now possible to get a lean and athletic body along with six-pack ABS via below-mentioned exercises.

#1. Exercise-ball Tuck:

exerciseKnow How: I will not say that it’s easy but it is not impossible too. A little practice will make you and your abs expert in this discipline. Firstly, you need to get a good Swiss ball and a plenty of areas to move around.

Secondly, make sure to remove all sharp and heavy accessories from your exercising area so as to avoid any accidents.


You have to position yourself for this exercise. First of all place your lower part of your body on the Swiss ball and roll forward until you are left with only legs pressed on the ball- like a push-up position.

Support your upper body part with both arms and make sure that head is aligned with your shoulders and hips. Focus your eyes down in between your hands and inhale so that you can be in a neutral position.


You are in the position to perform the ball tuck act. All you need to do is, bring your knees towards chest by pulling the ball in a controlled and smooth way. Try to not alter the upper body part as much as possible.

After this, inhale and return to the original position; the ball will naturally roll out so your legs are stretched outwards and your upper body will align again. Exercise 3 sets of 20 repetitions in each set with 30-60 sec rest time.

Note: There is an advanced version of this workout; you can bring your chest down towards your knees as if you are tucking them.


Use Exercise-ball Tuck for getting the threefold results:

This amazing workout not only maintains your core but the challenge of balance and effort improve overall muscle, strength, and concentration at the same time. And it is needless to mention that you will end up with an amazing ab. (Wow!)

#2. Exercise-Ball Crunch:

Yes, you were missing crunches but, this is not an ordinary crunch which your Daddy does in the morning. (Mind You!) As the name suggests, it involves a stability ball and is a bit challenging.Exercise-Ball Crunch

Know How: First of all, position your lower back comfortably on the balanced ball; you can do this by rolling out until you get a positive posture. Secondly, place your feet flat on the floor.

Here’s the difference:

You need not have to position your hands behind your head rather, put your hands together pointing towards the ceiling. (Ouch!) Yes, no pain no gain. Now, you have to try to touch the roof.

Make sure to raise your head even and gaze straight up. Do 3 sets of 20 repetitions with 30-60 seconds rest time.


Add Exercise-Ball Crunch in your regime to increase stability:

Yes, with the support of a movable fitness ball really helps to activate your core. Moreover, it increases the stability rate of your body which a regular crunch exercise fails to do. (Amazing!)

#3. Exercise-Ball Plank:

Yup, do plank to flank your body in a right direction. And this workout too involves the balance ball. This exercise is less demanding in comparison to other workouts but, is equally beneficial for abs.

Know how: You need to think of a push-up position with one change; in spite of palm, you need to use both forearms for support on an exercise ball. You need to keep your abs strong and neck aligned with the spine.

push-up position

Make sure that your core does not fall much or your hips rise up too high. You need to hold the pose for 45 seconds. For optimal results, perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions at an interval of 30-60 sec.

Note: This exercise has an advanced version; you can use a single leg or just roll out the balance ball in and out to add up the difficulty.


Rank #1 in doing Beat pe booty with this Plank:

Yes, by having this amazing workout design in your routine, you will achieve a drop-dead gorgeous booty and can take the beat pe booty challenge (a popular Bollywood dance number).

That’s not all…

You will improve the core definition and performance. You will literally feel a positive charge in your overall metabolism. Flexibility and balance will increase than ever before. Apart from physical benefits, you will experience mental aids.

#4. Alternating V-Up:

Relax! This workout does not involve any balance ball. (Thank God!) As the name ‘V’, suggests that it has something to do with that shape. So let’s quickly check out the know-how of this workout program.

Alternating V-Up

Know how: It’s pretty simple; all you need to do is, sit on a mat and place both of your arms behind for support and bring your knees to the tabletop position. It’s just the positioning part.


Start bringing chest up and your knees in, making a ‘V’ shape and alternating from side to side. (Move your legs from left to right side) Make sure that your thrust is balanced and you are not in any resting position during the entire move.


Do Alternating V-Up and make your peers happy:

Yes, you will be glad to know that the main muscle which is used during this exercise is abs and therefore, you will end up with an amazing abs post this workout. And you can flaunt your gorgeous abs before your peers leaving them blushing.

#5. Alternating Toe Touch:

You might have touched the toes of your elders much a time to get their blessings. But you will be surprised to know that touching your own toe can be beneficial too. Let me show: how it can be profitable to you?

Know how: It’s simple at the start but gets tougher and tougher at the end. First of all, you need to position yourself to this exercise by lying flat on your back. Thereafter, you need to bring one of your legs up and try to touch your toe by both of your arms.

tougher and tougher at the endYou can lift your shoulder blades to reach your toe. Alternate the same act using your other leg. Again, make sure that you are not resting on every single repetition and continuing to maintain a tension in the body.


More flexibility: It helps in increasing body flexibility. It strengthens the abdomen and thus increases your stamina and adaptability rate in any physical conditions.  Moreover, it strengthens our foundations- legs.

Now it’s your turn:

You have just seen the marvelous ways to achieve amazing abs…

Now it’s time to imply these workouts in your routine and share your feedback.

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