There are many among us who are trying to bulk up their bodies and try to attain a perfectly fit physique. It does pay to stay fit and healthy; more so when one is advancing in years. What can you do to start on an effective bulking program? Some of these pointers are mentioned below.

Eat consciously while you weight train

You need to bear in mind that your eating habits have a lot of impact on your body. However, the objective should not necessarily be an excuse to eat whatever you want and as much as you want. If you are doing so, you are just adding more mass to your system.

The idea is to eat natural, whole grain foods instead of gorging on pizzas and ice creams while stimulating your muscles to bulk up through regular weight training sessions. You can get your intake of carbs from potatoes and rice and depend on lean meats for your protein requirements.

Talk with a qualified instructor before hitting the gym

Try out muscle building routines that can help you get leaner and fitter with time. Opt for cardio exercises to keep your heart in shape during the entire process while also burning away the excess calories from your body. This is the surest way to a leaner body, where you do not end up adversely impacting the hormones that stimulate size gains.

Know what is at stake

An increase in body fat is sometimes inevitable when you are eating healthy foods that help add bulk to your body. Make sure to keep a watch over the changes in your body; cut down on food intake when you find that your abs have begun to disappear. You can switch between bulk and cut cycles over time to strike a balance between muscle gain and loss of fat.

Stay focused on getting stronger

You can find out if you are gaining muscle by checking if your body strength is increasing over time. Most of the time, a gain in strength is also accompanied with a gain in size. Make sure that while you are bulking, you are also growing stronger. If this is not happening, you would need to take a fresh look at your processes.

Make sure that you are getting enough rest

Make sure to give your body and system the rest needed in between your workouts to give your muscles the proper stimulus and recovery time to grow. Your weight training regimen should not be more than four to five times in a week to get the best results.

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