People deposit money in the bank of course they know only the bank account that maintains the security of their properties. Numbers of guard and security checkpoints follow the banks. You can see when you visit any band that how the security guards protect your bank accounts. After the solid security checkpoints still if someone plan to go in bank secretly and steal amounts from there. So, do you think that how much your bank accounts are actually safe?

Origin of Web Banking

Let’s first know about the history of banks. Today the system of banking is changed and all over the world we can only see online banking procedure has been started. For any banking related works you can access your online banking accounts by giving your user ID and password to protect your account. Since the ATM machine has been setups so, entire banking tasks have become easier and now I can easily visit the ATM and insert my debit card, withdraw the amounts. Online banking system really has changed the entire things of banking process and we can see all history of my accounts as well as the entire information is available if your online banking is activated.

The Problem: 

All the banks are just with verification technology. Just you need to give your Username and Password to activate online banking. We are using this online banking from many years but you know that the hackers they only look for the stealing money as well as want to possess your accounts. It means your bank account is not secured at all.

What Banks Are Doing To Sort Out This Problem

So, in such way your bank account is not safe at all. Some of the banks have thought to change the authentication process. Even, I have opened my bank account that is also has security token device that is already made when I opened my account. This device helps to generate new password all time and I got the authentication for my account just giving new PIN code. This functions as same way and you can also use this device on your phone as Google’s “Authenticator” app.

As the above technique of authentication process is known as OTP or One Time Password authentication process. In such way your account will be safe completely and it is too difficult for the hackers to get entry on your account at all.

The banks will send you a secret SMS code that you need to use while login your password. You need to type your password (factor 1) and to confirm the SMS code type (factor 2).

Now your bank accounts will be safe and secured as I also used in same way and there is no any chance by any hacker to visit my account and do any crime.

What Should You Take Step?

If you are completely depending on your bank that has no appropriate security without any username and password then you must avoid going to online banking process at all. To get the bank security services write an application to your bank. If your bank do not have any such security policy then, you should close your account forever and just create new one in another bank that will be better for you in future.