As you find the great mishmash of Qt and Webkit that are quite productive. You find newest lightweight browsers that are designed on it while in the browser of Dooble that is one of the tiniest but very speedy applications that is operated on Linux, Windows, OS X and FreeBSD. Dooble is actually designed to maintain privacy and proper security. This is really extremely interesting and exciting way that is not so famous as it previous versions have got negative user reviews as well.

Installation Process

The user of Linux users who want to install Dooble they can go for the sources and the newest version (1.50) that is actually not available. Arch Linux providing in AUR, even, it is simple to install with an AUR helper. Ubuntu and derivatives can be depending on an illegal PPA and pull the package from there:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:richard-sellam/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install dooble

Even, those persons who want to play with very safe process and collect Dooble from the resources that can be installed easily the code from the project’s Sourceforge page. In the process of installation on Linux Mint through aforementioned PPA that run very faster, and Dooble was instantly used to go for new browser.

First Appearance

Dooble exactly functions on the value of secured user profiles, and every profile is created by own. The entire data is completely scrambled, such as temporary (guest) profiles that are without a passphrase. Even, that passphrase is compulsory to save as well as reestablish sessions because those temporary sessions are not well-preserved.

Dooble also doesn’t look like any other contemporary browsers at all. It helps the tabs, offline browsers, optimal toolbars and other history sidebar.

Dooble Desktop

Another awesome feature is you find in Dooble Desktop that is initiated by going to the button next to home and also the address bar. This establishes a file manager window in Dooble browser through it is easy to browse all file systems. As double click so, the file will open a dialog box where the users will choose the external application to see the file as well. Then that default apps can be adjusted for other few file types within Dooble Settings dialog. 

Dooble Settings

As it is said about the Dooble setting procedure they simply you can modify the appearances of Dooble by making changes the icon theme that will be available there. The “Tabs” section is quite helpful that assists to personalize the tab section. A great feature of typical browsers provide only by add-ons that is not by any default.

More Privacy Tweaks

Another is the Privacy-per-tab that is one of the practical ideas. The Dooble easily establishes simply as you go for right-clicking at every tab and settings its individual privacy preferences. The entire Dooble’s security features are praiseworthy, and it packs all of them by default, as other types of add-on will be required. The Dooble doesn’t support add-ons at all– there’s icon for them, but it’s completely empty that is it is not cleared at all whether they were all abolished or they added new versions.

In such way Dooble focuses on browser privacy by maintaining as well as following these effective steps.