Green Coffee Trio an Effective Slimming Pill Choice for You

Losing weight is not an easy and quick task and this has made people look for all possible methods to get slim and retain the body shape. You definitely must have heard about various types of supplements. You also must have read about green coffee trio. No? Then this effort at an unbiased green coffee trio review will certainly inform you about the weight loss supplement.

What is green coffee trio?

It is a resourceful weight loss pill made up with three ingredients of green coffee, garcinia cambogia and conjugated linoleic acid(CLA). The product is manufactured by DoktorBio s.r.o, one of the major food supplement producers in central Europe. The company is also the manufacturer of the well tested and proven Acai Trio another weight loss supplement composed of natural enzymes and acai berries.

What are the ingredients?

As the name suggests, it has three ingredients. There are a few technical terms that you may not understand but will try to be as specific as possible in this green coffee trio review.

  • Green coffee: It is a raw, unrefined and natural coffee made with roasting of coffee beans and taste of coffee. It has an aroma of tea and has better benefits than the heated coffee. Green coffee is rich in chlorogenic acid that is popular for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities.  It is abundant in polyphenols and minerals like potassium, magnesium, alkaloids, amino acids, caffeine and fiber too.  It controls the retention of sugar in the body and helps you in maintaining a good figure and health. Being rich in antioxidants, green coffee helps in controlling weight accumulation, lessens oxidation stress and delays aging, cleanses liver, stabilizes blood sugar levels and prevents growth of cancer, risk of diabetes and controls high blood pressure, insomnia and lowers bad cholesterol. You must be having an experience about how a cup of hot coffee rejuvenates and revives us in the mornings after long hours of sleep or in the evenings after a tiring day of work. It is better than the traditional brewed coffee where a lot of chlorogenic acid is lost due to roasting of coffee beans.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: It is a small fruit that looks like a pumpkin and a very effective and natural weight loss supplement. People generally panic when they find the bulging tummy or an extra flab here and there and go on a crash course diet. It is wrong and not a permanent cure. Dieting will only starve you and the craving for food will increase. Once you stop dieting you may also tend to gain weight again. Garcinia cambogia extract improves the taste in food and is widely used in curries, soups and spices in the Asian countries like India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and parts of Central and West Africa. Garcinia cambogia does not contain any chemicals. It contains hydroxycitric acid(HCA) which has proven abilities of preventing formation of fatty cells.
  • Conjugated linoleic acid: CLA is a natural fatty acid seen in most of the dairy products and supports and helps in burning fat while producing muscle tissues and aids in your weight reducing efforts. CLA has other benefits too. It increases insulin sensitivity, fat metabolism, releases fat into blood and keeps our appetite under control. It helps in lowering cholesterol and increases the calcium levels in the body.

What are the benefits of green coffee trio?

Green coffee trio reviews have confirmed that some of the common benefits that you will experience include improved sleep, better sex life, have a healthier gallbladder, reduces arthritis pain, lowers cholesterol levels, controls blood pressure and increases energy levels while effectively reducing the body fat in many areas in a faster and easier way. You will feel more active, breathe better and it will surely improve your confidence levels.

Are there any side-effects?

None of the green coffee trio reviews have published any complaints or news about side effects. But it does not necessarily mean that it will suit everybody.   However, it should not be recommended for children and you are advised to consult your physician before you start the course. It is better to avoid the treatment if you are a pregnant lady or breast feeding a new born baby or are allergic to some of the ingredients.  Green coffee trio contains substances like caffeine that may cause reactions like restlessness, irritability and digestive system disorders like constipation or diarrhea to some people.  Another reason for proper lack of knowledge of the product is the official website just mentions it having 900mg of green coffee extract and 50% chlorogenic acid. Being comparatively a new product, green coffee trio its usage has been less in the market but is standing out to be very efficient with its unique formula.

Why should you take green coffee trio?

The product is safe and has been assessed complying with strict EU production criteria. It is 100% natural and all the green coffee trio reviews till date have been positive. It does not contain any fillers or synthetic drugs. The product comes with a money back guarantee.

Where is it available?

Green coffee trio is not available in any of the retail or online stores. You have to purchase it from the official company website. It is a simple and easy process. You will be able to learn about any discounts or special offers that the company is giving. You will also be abreast of the latest green coffee trio reviews from the new users. It is a safe and secured site for you to make your purchases.

You have to eat the capsule three times a day before each meal. A bottle comes with 90 capsules and costs 39 euros. You can save about 39 Euros by buying 3 bottles for 78 Euros and it becomes more affordable if you order for a 5 bottle pack for just 117 Euros getting a benefit of 78 Euros.


Many people have benefited by reducing their belly fat and there is no reason why you should not? Get going. Browse the website and place your order now.

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