Hair fall: Stop your hair loss just applying these few best natural tips

You know what is the most beautiful part of your body? it is ‘Hair’ and yes the hair is the most attractive part of body mostly in women the hairs are really those important part that looks so pretty when they make it in creative styles forms. But men also now have started to change the hairstyle in different ways to look stunning at all. But what to do at that time when you get hair loss then of course it is the biggest problem in both for male and female. Mostly the women look so beautiful and good looking because of their different shapes of long and short hairs but in today era the most of the females are suffering from hair falls so badly.

What is Hair Fall?

Hair loss occurs by many different purposes that include mineral deficiency, unhealthy diet, heavy medication, stress, pollutions, and your genetics problems too. Sometime may be you never notice but it is true that wearing helmets and caps on daily basis can cause the hair fall. Right now our one third of the population is now suffering from hair loss and mostly the women in the list of hair falls. So, whatever are the causes of hair falling anyhow it always make you upset and despair that how to take care of your hairs everyday and instead you are worried increasing the hair loss. It is very essential to know that what is hair fall actually, how your hair grows, and what are the ways to decrease the hair loss that will be no issue at all.

Hair loss is also called as alopecia that actually occurs on the head and it also occurs in other parts of the body in body too. Even, this hair fall can occur in any age group as well as it affects an anticipated around 30% to 40% of the populations. Even, sometimes it is quite difficult to recognized the actual reason that what cause the hail loss and most of the time it basically the reasons behind the hail loss it happens from your genetics, ageing and stress as well as when you take the unhealthy diet too.

Few best natural tips to prevent hair loss

  • Use of hot oil: You can take any of the natural oil such as olive, coconut and canola oils and slightly lukewarm it but should not be too hot. Then apply the oils on your scalp and gently message it so that it can reach the root of your hairs too. The just open the shower cap and just leave for 30 minutes to one hours your hairs like this and after that you can shampoo your hairs too.
  • Use of natural juices: The better you rub your scalp with natural juices such as garlic juices, onion juices or ginger juices too. After applying and messaging your hair or scalp leave it for whole night and at morning rinse it.
  • Proper head massage: It is must to prevent the hair loss that you frequently get massage to your head or scalps for few minutes on regular basis that will always aid you to get the stimulate circulation of your head. Massage your head with lavender and bay essential oils that will help to get the proper blood circulation of your scalp.
  • Antioxidants: Next is you must apply the warm green tea on the roots of your hairs or scalps as well as also leave your hair open for few minutes then wash it. Even the green tea includes antioxidants that helps to stop the hair fall and aids to grow your hair according to you.
  • Regular practice of meditation: It is the perfect solution for your hair loss and you should always do the mediation that even, eliminates the stress and tensions and at the results you find that you get reduces of the hair fall. The mediation assists to reduce the hair fall and also reinstate the hormonal balance too.