In the growing arena of social networks, having a business fan page on these networks is not  big deal. What matters most is the number of fans and the potential customers who will love to buy your products and services. This is why social media professionals work across a number of pivotal strategies to boost the popularity of the fan pages. Once the number of fans increases, opportunities are multiplied itself. If you are trying to attempt it by yourself, find below the basic additions that you can do to increase the fan counts.
Stay in Touch:
Your fans value a lot for your business so you should keep in touch with them on regular basis. Don’t let them feel that they are vulnerable on your page and no one is going to take care of them. In the general terms make your customers your real time loyalists. Turning them brand loyalist will be the only way to boom your business in the service domain.
Increase The Brand Awareness: 
Increasing the brand awareness is the most important thing when you create and develop a fan page. Brand awareness is the only thing that can help you to acquire new customers. Talk to your audience as  much as possible. This will help you to acquire new customers and improve the brand loyalty at the greater extent.
Share Stuffs That Interests:
Your brand means a lot to you, this is why you should make sure that you are sharing things that create interest for the  users. Your user base always want to get best about your products and services and expect best from your side. This is your sheer responsibility to go ahead with a proper channel to create user base.
Initiate the Conversation:
Creating best conversations always yield good result when it comes to specify leading edge in the business boost. Social media experts do a lot to designing and developing certain guidelines to start, pause and continue a conversation. This is probably the best way to perform initiatives and  getting good results.
If you own an online business, your Facebook fan page can do lot good in your business promotion. You must be serious about the designing and development phase of the fan pages. Get the services of some of the well-known social media experts who know the pros and cons of the social networks  and their importance in the domain of the online businesses.