Fitness Guide

Tired of quick weight loss tips that do nothing to help you keep the weight off? Here are some long-lasting ideas to keep you healthy for life.

  1. H2O— Drink plenty of water before meals to boost your metabolism by 24-30% and burn calories faster.
  2. Walk— Have an errandto run? Use your feet, not the car. Walking whenever you get a chance, will help you stay fit.
  3. Daily pranayama— Yoga can not only help you lose weight, but can also keep you from gaining weight by making you more mindful about your body.
  4. Share— Workout with friends and family.Making exercise a fun activity to look forward to daily can make staying fit more enjoyable.
  5. Cut calories, not meals— Skipping meals does more harm than good. By depriving your body of food,you are slowing your metabolism down to conserve energy. The fat that gets stored for use later, keeps adding to your weight.
  6. Snack smartly— Eat small, healthy and frequent meals. Gorge on a salad, a healthy avocado toast or a protein bar to keep your food cravings satisfied and give your body the right nutrients.
  7. Toothpaste as dessert— Brushyour teeth immediately after dinner to prevent yourself from indulging in a midnight snack.
  8. Sleep better— Poor sleep has been linked to the risk of obesity. For a healthy weight, it is not only essential to sleep more but also to get quality sleep.
  9. Make time for life— Do things that you enjoy in the midst of busy work days in order to stay happy and healthy.
  10. Imagine— Human beings have will powers and strong imaginations that can help make the impossible possible. So, visualize yourself thinner and healthier to keep yourself motivated daily.