As in our daily schedule we care for many things, even, we know that without good and fit health the person is nothing. It is most important to take care for the health always and apart from that there is something in your life that we don’t know exactly what it will cause and how it will affect your health so, it is essential to understand those vital things in your same process of life. The Myth and Facts we will discuss today and will come to know that what are the basic myth and facts in our life in terms of health actually.

Myth: It is harmful for your health when you watch the TV from closest way to its.

Fact: Even, parents sometime are tired saying their children and also prohibit them to do not sit and watch the TV from very close to its as it effects on your eyes and can harm your eyes too. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology or AAO has found that the kids or children who watch the TVs from very close up that stress can fall into the someone’s eyes and another thing that they also should not read the books by focusing on then and closest to its, even, it causes nearsightedness too.

Myth: If the parents genetic got the worst eyesight, then the children of them will also get affect from that problem or receive that feature.

Fact: It is absolutely true that in case the parents have the poor eyesight then it worst affects fall into their kids too. At that time the kids need to get the glass and that can be found when you have to get the proper check-ups their eye conditions or better to consult the eye specialist too.

Myth: The carrot is good to improve your eye vision.

Fact: Even, it is right that the vegetables or fruits both can be said and the carrot contains vitamin A that is best for your eyesight. Apart from this, other vegetables include asparagus, apricots, nectarines, and milks are also essential for your vision too. These are the well balanced diets that are rich in vitamin A speaks the AAO team.

Myth: Working on computer for longer time can damage your eyesight.

Fact: AAO speaks that sitting and working for long hours in front of computers can damage your eyesight and you can lose your eyes too. Though, when you sit and use the computers and laptops and after sometimes you start blinking your eyes it means the light pressures fall in your eyes as well as it harms your eyes and makes your eyes dry that are led to the eye strain and you feel so fatigue too. So, always it is the parents’ responsibility to encourage your c children or kids to take the break meanwhile of using the computers as well.  These are the myths and facts of the eyesight that says what are harmful for your eyes and how to care about them.