Weight is one of the major concerns that everyone, including you and me look to fight. It requires lots of efforts but sometimes the results are not so encouraging. You may have come across several weight loss pills and supplements that are available in the market.

I am writing about an herbal weight loss product called Zotrim in detail.

Sounds familiar? Yes, there are several users sharing Zotrim reviews making it all the more exciting to learn more about it.

What is Zotrim?

It is an herbal weight loss course that is available in both tablet and drink forms. Although both have similar benefits the liquid is more powerful and has the effect of consuming three tablets in one day.

The products are manufactured by Natural Remedies. The tablet form was released in the year 2000 and the liquid drink came in much later.  It is different from the similarly named urinary tract infection drug called “Zotrim”.

You have to take the tablets thrice a day about 15 minutes before each meal and Zotrim reviews have confirmed the company’s website’s claims that you tend to feel filled for longer hours. The manufacturer has also put forth a few scientific studies to support its assertions that the product keeps your stomach fuller for 20 minutes more and effectively reduce the calories consumed.

Beneficial features of Zotrim:

  • Decreases the calorie intake. Zotrim reviews have confirmed that if you take the pill you will consume 112 calories less and if you take the drink you will consume 200 calories lesser thereby aiding in weight loss faster.
  • Your cravings for food will come down drastically. It helps in keeping you more active and energetic.
  • Since the supplements keeps your stomach full for longer periods, you are less likely to say yes to mid meal snacks which is one of the primary reasons for people becoming obese.
  • The supplement continues with its efforts towards weight loss, even if you do not exercise, although daily exercises are a must for better and faster results.

How does it work?

The objective of using the product is to control your craving for food, eliminate overeating habit and ultimately put you on the right track of weight loss. Zotrim reviews have confirmed that it takes at least a few weeks of using the product before you see its effects. You cannot expect overnight wonders and need to have some patience. Studies have confirmed that users have reduced their weight by 11 pounds in about 45 days and there has been an average waist reduction of 4.3 cm in about 4 weeks of use.

What are the ingredients used in Zotrim?

After having read so many success stories in the various Zotrim reviews I am sure you will be curious to know what the health supplement is made up of and how they function.

Yerba Mate: It is a medicinal plant found in the South American regions and widely used in making tea. It is rich in antioxidants and has several weight loss properties like fat burning, appetite controlling, metabolism booster and reducing fatigue.

Damiana: It is a leaf extract used as a remedy to our emotional behaviour. It helps the mind in resisting   temptations and aids in controlling the urge to eat. It has some chemicals that work on your nervous system and this helps to stop emotional eating. Damiana is also used in depression treatment.

Guarana:  It is a popular ingredient in most of the energy drinks as it is abundant in caffeine which helps in burning fat during exercises that gives a boost to the metabolism rate. Caffeine improves your concentration and alertness and has a good effect over our nervous system. It also aids in enhancing athletic performance.

Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6: Vitamins play a vital role in our daily diet. It converts the food into energy and reduces the fatigue and tiredness in our body. Vitamin B3 and B6 deficiencies can result in faster greying of hair and cause anemia and hence are added in almost all health supplements.

Are there any side effects of Zotrim?

There have been a few mixed Zotrim reviews where some of its users have revealed that they have faced issues of feeling of nausea in the initial stages.  To be on the safe side you could consult your physician before you start your course. But unlike other health supplements that have reported cases of headaches, high blood rate, sleep problems and similar, this herbal product in its more than 15 years of use, has had no such reactions. It is also recommended that you should not allow children to consume the product without consulting their doctor.

Because of its caffeine content some of the Zotrim reviews suggest that the product should be avoided by people who are under medication, are sensitive to caffeine and women that are pregnant or breast feeding. It is always better to consult your doctor if you are having heart ailments or are a diabetic. This will help you in maintaining safe health while increasing your efforts at weight loss.

The company website gives a few tips that you could follow as part of the weight loss exercise. Substitute fat food like full milk, cream, butter, fried food, nuts and crisps with alternatives like skimmed milk, low fat spreads, boiled or baked potatoes. Avoid pre-prepared food which are high in fat. Skipping a meal is wrong. You land up eating more snacks and junk food at odd hours which results in spoiling all your diet control cycles.

Where can you buy the product?

Although Zotrim products are available at all leading online retailers, Zotrim reviews have suggested that you buy your requirements from the company website. You can be assured of getting genuine products and the best rates. If you browse the website, you may also be lucky to get any special offers and promotions that the company may come up with. A 180 tablet bottle costs 24.95 pounds while a three-month pack is a real money saver at 54.85 pounds.  You can also find some attractive combo packages on the website.

Conclusion: I am sure you are better placed in your mind about the product now. Imagine the wonderful feeling of finding your waistline lesser by a few inches. Get your Zotrim today.

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